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Life Science Research

Life Science Research

Life Science Research

1. Molecular biology instruments and reagents

Our product portfolio includes high-performance PCR and real-time PCR amplification systems, which incorporate the latest technologies, providing greater accuracy and reproducibility in amplifying nucleic acids for genomic experiments.

Product range includes thermocyclers, real-time PCR systems, automatic sealing systems PX1, PCR reagents, PCR consumables.

  • Droplet Digital PCR systems - provide absolute quantification and a high sensitivity of detection
  • PCR, qPCR and Droplet Digital PCR reagents

We distribute generic reagents for qualitative and quantitative PCR (reverse transcription reagents, polymerases, supermixes) of high quality, as well as complete kits for clinical research, human and veterinary diagnostics, including for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

  • Automatic extraction systems for nucleic acids

We offer extraction systems based on magnetic sphere technology, fully automated with a capacity of 12 samples or semi-automated, with a capacity of 32 or 96 samples.

  • Nucleic acid electrophoresis systems

Our portfolio includes electrophoresis cells of various sizes with power supplies, PFGE systems, electro-transfer systems for nucleic acids, as well as the reagents required for these experimental techniques.

2. Reagents and instruments for the study of proteins

  • Purification, electrophoresis and transfer systems for protein study

Dialab Solutions offers you high-performance modular liquid chromatography systems from the NGC Bio-Rad Laboratories line, electrophoretic separation and transfer systems, prestressed electrophoresis gels, reagents for protein analysis, and a complete line for separation, transfer and characterization of proteins through the western blot method.

  • Visualization and analysis systems for gels and membranes

We offer gel photodocumentation devices (GelDoc GO), image acquisition devices and high-performance analysis of gels and membranes with colorimetric, fluorescent, multi-fluorescent, and chemiluminescent marking (ChemiDoc, ChemiDoc MP, ChemiDoc GO).

All systems are equipped with an intuitive sample analysis program and are compatible with the „stain-free” technology.

  • Protein expression analysis systems using xMAP technology

The Bio-Plex and Bio-Plex 3D systems, based on Luminex xMAP technology, allow the analysis and quantification in a multiplex system of the expression of up to 100, respectively up to 500 analytes in a single sample. The systems have a wide and flexible range of analytical kits with applicability in applications such as apoptosis, markers of inflammation, markers for diabetes, acute phase proteins, etc.

3. Systems and reagents for cell biology

In our product portfolio, we have the following systems:

4. General purpose equipment

We offer a wide range of general-purpose laboratory equipment, such as incubators, centrifuges, refrigerators and freezers, PCR and microbiological hoods, stirrers, etc.